The London Police Print Store hosted by The Monk


Not two years ago, when I was wandering the Himalaya, I was lucky enough to save the life of a bloke a bit like Morgan Freeman in the film Robin Hood. He swore to stay by my side until he had returned the favour of saving my life. 

However, I convinced him to forget all that rubbish and instead got him to run the TLP shop. He stands for truth, justice, patience, kindness, postage and packaging. Ladies, gentlemen and youngsters of all ilks, I give you the man they call “The Monk”. 

Questions? More info? The monk is a social kind of man and likes a good chat via email. Don't be shy...

Hold on a minute, who are The London Police?

The London Police (est. 1998) are a street art collective based in Amsterdam that travel the world spreading happiness through their pen based hand drawings. The duo are rather fond of dogs and sports. From time to time they have items for sale which is fair enough i guess.